C++ Lambda Story

This short book shows the story of lambda expressions. We'll start with C++03 and a motivation to have "ad-hoc" functors, and then we'll move into the latest C++ standards:

  • C++11 - early days. You'll learn about all the elements of a lambda expression and even some tricks. This is the longest chapter as we need to cover a lot of topics.
  • C++14 - updates. Once lambdas were adopted, we saw some options to improve them.
  • C++17 - more improvements, especially by handling `this` pointer and allowing `constexpr`.
  • C++20 - in this section we'll have a glimpse overview of the future.

The book contains updated versions of two articles that appeared at bfilipek.com:

I added more examples and better descriptions to describe lambdas in a better way!

The articles also are based on a live coding presentation given by C++ Expert Tomasz KamiƄski at our local Cracow C++ User Group.

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